How do I order doughnuts?

Our doughnuts are created specifically to your unique wants and needs. Please e-mail us at or fill out this form.

 How much are your doughnuts?

Our pricing varies based on several factors. Throughout our one-on-one consultation for your order, we’ll develop a base price. To get an idea, a base Doughnut Only Package starts at $300. We also require a 20% non-refundable deposit to reserve the date of your event. Click here to download our Package Pricing Sheet.

How far in advance do I have to place my order?

For weddings or large customized doughnut displays, we require a minimum of 1-2 months before the date of your event to place your order. For smaller orders or our Doughnut Only Package, we ask that you place your order at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

Do you deliver?

Yes! We only do delivery. We do not have a storefront and most orders require set up and breakdown. We currently serve the Tri-State area. A delivery fee will apply.

What are your flavors?

We do not have a set menu of doughnut flavors, because we want to give our customers the freedom of imagination. We offer traditional fried doughnuts as well as baked doughnuts. We can create almost any flavor doughnut, filling, icing, or frosting that you may dream of! Go crazy or stick to the classics, it's all up to you! During your consultation, we’d be more than happy to suggest some flavors if you are unsure of what you are looking for.

What kind of events do you do? 

We love to be a part of all types of special events! Everyone loves doughnuts and they’re perfect for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Corporate Events, and much more!

Do you offer gluten-free/vegan? 

Please inform us about any food allergies during your consultation. Our doughnuts are not typically gluten-free or vegan. However, we can accommodate a request to do so. There will be additional charges for gluten-free or vegan doughnuts.

What happens during a consultation?

We hold 30-minute consultations over the phone or in person based on your availability. Prior to our consultation, we request that you e-mail us pictures of design ideas or create and share a Pinterest board with us. During our consultation, we get to know a little more about you and the event. We will generate ideas and develop an initial design. 

For more information please feel free to contact us.